About us

Brass quintet "Brass five" was established in 1996 on the ground of the Prague conservatory and from the beginning is trying to originaly perform all music genres audience attractive. Professor Antonin Vaigl from the Prague conservatory is the quintet godfather who supllies them with birlliant authentic compounds of every genre and the expression on its own is perfect.

The members started their professional career at the Prague conservatory, now playing in several famous Prague orchestras. They are prepared to present all kind of music beginning with solemn fanfares and ending with classical concert music. The quintet can perform in many different occasions such as vernissage, exhibitions, company presentations, weddings or the open air concerts. The crown peak of the season are the Christmas concerts on which the quintet cooperated with well known artists as Jiří Langmajer, David Prachař, Vladimír Javorský, Adéla Gondíková etc.

Členové BrassFive

The quintet is also often accompanied by opera solists as soprano singer Štěpánka Heřmánková, tenorists Aleš Briscein and Bronislav Palowski. We also accompanied the star from the pop music Vlasta Horvath. Of course it`s always very important to choose the right repertoire - which the Brass five has in wide range so it`s always enough to choose from.